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Having moved to smaller property and also having emptied my parents home I have a large number of items that we do not need. Once gone they are gone ~ I hope not to get more clutter. Thumbnail images. on each of the pages below, can be clicked on to see a larger photograph.

other items - make an offer, ask for a price and see the details on the page. 

Currently there are over 1300 items on these lists. Prior to auctioning on Ebay offers are considered. Most items are in storage and not in one place. So collection is by arrangement to make sure the item is available for inspection. It always seems that what every I need to get out is in the box at the bottom of the pile of boxes behind everything else.


Want to know how to get rid of your clutter see, car boot sale, yard sale, online auction, freecycle, donate to museums and charity

Other items for sale - cameras & computers

Postage and payments details.

Last Updated on 7th August 2022

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