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Churchill 5 shilling coins  (x2) Price 1.50 each


1977 Silver Jubilee 5 shilling coin Price 1.99

1977 Silver Jubilee Crown Price 1.99

1980 Queen Mother 80th birthday 5 shilling coin gold plated. Price 1.99

1980 Queen Mother 80th birthday 5 shilling coin. Price 1

1993 40 year Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 5 pound coin (x5) 8 each

1993 Alderney Coronation Anniversary 1 pound coin  

1coin struck in sterling (.925) silver to superb Proof quality to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

This coin comes complete with capsule, soft case & Certificate of Authenticity from Royal Mint

The coin weighs 9.50 grams, only 20,000 were struck

1940 George VI farthing piece Price 1

1953 Elizabeth II coins in case Price 20

1967 Elizabeth II coins Price 8.99

1971 Decimal coins set Price 10

1977 Silver Jubilee Decimal Coin set Price 10

Silver Wedding Crown 1.50

1996 uncirculated coins in presentation box 29.95

1997 uncirculated coins in presentation box 29.95

rarest 50P 1992 uncirculated European Design 50p coin Price 25

1d, half penny and farthing
from Victoria (x2), Edward VII (x2), George V (x15) ,George VI (x4) and Queen Elizabeth  (x3) 2.99

  Silver coins from George V and George VI.
Florin and half crown are in near new condition. Earlier coins are worn but have high silver content 10

Victoria copper and silver coins price 13


 Queen Elizabeth pre Decimal and some post decimal coins 

  price 35

    price 20

price 2

near complete pre-decimal with both English and Scottish shillings. 66 and 67 coins were uncirculated.  Decimal coins where uncirculated but have not faired so well being stored together.  

other notes and coins, miscellaneous foreign coins to follow

token/coin Bill Gates



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