Furniture for sale  
small 3 shelves stand 3
  castor protectors for armchairs on carpet

13 boards - Quick-Step teak click boards new (8 unopened)

Hygena Imola 30cm base unit with gloss white door - all parts, new, surplus. Partly assembled, door not fitted so can still be placed wither side. ( 47.50) 24
off cuts for worktop also available

Hygena 240cm black plinth new still in box (hence stock photo) 30 ) 15 half price

folding table 68 x 60 x (2x35+20=90) cm  10

side board/ hi-fi unit - 45

Chairs one slightly smaller than the other, one has a repair to one corner 4 pair

blanket chest 3

trunk aluminium, with two keys 30

printer stand 2

six chairs and circular extendable table with pedestal 250 German import


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