Sold, freecycled, given away & broken   


Cambridge P80+T55 129,
Uher Miniline 129,
Ross microphones 10.50,
Pioneer PL-12D sold on Bay for 63.98+13 postage, then eBay buyer resold with Turntable selling for 117, SME shell for 67, Empire cartridge for 22 and Euro mains plug for 10.50 and still has the balance to sell! Buyers paid 152.50 over what they could had they looked three weeks earlier.
Transcriptor stylus scale 99

Meridian literature 23, CD module 34, Tuner module 55.01, FM Tuner 103 (an inferior condition  tuner sold for 130 a month later), MM Module 30.

Dansette 9.99
Murphy Radio 31

Alba 2.20
Hitachi 23
National GX300 29
Selga MW/LW Radio 1960s
Juke Box Radio 99p

Pro-luxe headphones 99p
National Panasonic TC-800G portable TV 19
Elonex Photo Frame with Freeview 55
Sony 25" CRT TV 5

Philips DVD player with remote and HDMI cable

song bird quartz clock 99p
Jewelled travel alarm 2.23

Timemaster quartz clock 99p

Quartz travel alarm 70p
Silver Quartz mantle clock 1.25
Silver Quartz mantle clock 99p
Smith alarm clock 60s 1.25

Poppy plate wall clock
Windsor wall clock

Apline style wrist watch 4.99

All Star basket ball 99p

Kettacar 24

Binatone Answer Phone 1.04

three piece suite 9.99
Foot stool 99p Mirror and glass shelf 9
Double divan bed 4' 6" 16.01

Three doors (one mirror) 23, double door 16
Teak wardrobe with double doors and shelves 19, double doors 13.50

Bed head & Side tables/draws 9.99

oak veneer three pieces sold for 20

Silentnight Orthopaedic supafirm single 3 foot bed. with white headboard sold for 20

folding stool 99p

tootal blue new 15 and a half

BMC Driver's club 0.95 31.89  3 year badge and handbook
Red Cross 3.20Guinness 25p Golly cyclist 1.99TV 21st C. 15.15

Apostle spoons 50s/60s 1.31

Braun Multiquick Set - 3 speed handbender 9.99

Automatic potato peeler 2.32

Cook's Kitchen 2 cup coffee filter 1.99
Russell Hobbs coffee percolator 15
Russell Hobbs milk warmer 15

four mugs 1.49

Bone China Japanese style 29
Rose flower tea set 26
Multicooker 3.65

Deer pattern glasses 99p
Frank Thrower Darlington 4.99

Luminarc sundae dishes 10.49

Tea Towels


Picture tea towels 50p each, general ones (bottom photos) 25p each sold on Facebook

BBC French Experience course 7
Mega Memory / speed reading course 5

256Mb RAM 133MHz

Jaz drive 2Gb 13.50
Jaz drive 2Gb 16

HP Jetdirect 170X J4102B 3.20

NT3.51 12.07
Which? pda
black pda 1.25

Sinclair Cambridge box only 3.20
Sharp EL376H
Rabbit phone 17
Rabbit phone 31

NEC TR5E100-9A analogue cellular phone 19.99

Holdsworth Mistral frame 70
GB brakes 47
foot pump 70p
Auto-verbandkission car medical kit 1.49

1960s Black and decker kit 1.04
B&D cordless drill 2.98

Aven Trimtool 99p

Flymo Mino Trim 5 includes spare lines and instructions.

Freerider Mayfair 299

RAF brass buttons 29.75
Response security and extra PIR 9.99

Ash Tray SS Nevasa 99p

Royal Winton vase 23cm 2.99
Pair of bed side lamps 3.99
Desk lamp 1.99

Given, Freecycles

A number of items donated to the Centre of Computer history, Cambridge. All the NewBrain material, 6 AD, transparent AD, disc controllers, expansion modules, binders of Software Technical Manual, new module cases, risers monitor stands, 3.5 and 5.25" floppies, books, newsletters, Philips monitor, Hitachi monitor, Cumana floppy drive, 3.5", 3" Amstrad drive, housing modules, micropage, PI Box, PCBs, sound card, EPROM Blowers. 17" and 19" monitors. Canon A3 printer, WinTV card, Sony K800i, Philips Savvy phone, Nokia phone

  • HP200 data cartridges
  • Creative DXR2 MPEG accelerator card for DVD ROM (drive available, but will not read any disc)
  • Seagate 2Gb SCSI wide drive
  • IBM DRVS SCSI LVD 9Gb DEC99 drive
  • IBM DDRS 39130 9139MB FEB00 drive
  • IBM DDRS 39130 9139MB NOV98 drive
  • Iomega Zip power supply
  • 3COM 3C905C 10/100 ETHERNET PCI CARD
  • Ethernet cable with BNC connector
  • Ethernet cable with BNC connector
  • Logitech Wingman games control midi interface as new, un-used
  • Logitech Joystick midi interface as new, un-used
  • Mid size Midi Keyboard Commodore
  • Matrox GT450 PCI dual monitor 16Mb graphics card, G45-MDHP16DB
  • Computer: Intel SE440BX-2, PIII, 555MHz, 386MB, Sony 17" Monitor, 20Gb H/D, CD-ROM, Matrox G400-TV, Sound Blaster Live, Intel 100 Pro ethernet, Logitech scroll mouse, Microsoft Natural keyboard
  • Computer: Intel SE440BX-2, PIII, 555MHz, 768Mb, Sony 17" Monitor, 15Gb H/D, new DVD-CD RW, ATI Rage Pro 32Mb, Sound Blaster,  Intel 100 Pro ethernet, Logitech pilot mouse, Cherry keyboard
  • Computer: Intel SE440BX-2 with onboard sound, PIII, 555MHz, 768Mb, Iiyama Pro 410 17" Monitor, 4GB NeXTStep/Win 98, 9Gb WinXP, Yamaha SCSI CD-RW, Panasonic DVD RAM drive, ATI Rage 8Mb,  Intel 100 Pro ethernet, Hauppauge WinTV Theatre, new Microsoft optical mouse, Microsoft Natural Keyboard includes NeXTStep 3.3 & Developer, Enterprise Objects FrameWork, (10CDs including 3.2), NeXTStep manuals and Objective C
  • Sony Picturebook, notebook PCG-C1XN 128Mb RAM, 6Gb H/D, Win98SE with recovery CDs, BP51, BP54 quad capacity, usb Sony Floppy drive, UBS memory stick reader
  • Xircom Rex 6000 with USB interface adapter, fresh batteries, leather case, crystal case
  • Psion Wavefinder DAB USB for Win98SE, XP (but SP2)

Iomega Jaz drives


generic case

Gigabyte pc

Parkard Bell

Creative Encore 5 with DxR2 PC-DVD accelerator card drive assumed not be working was last used with NT4, Win 98 and no drivers for XP. The accelerator card has a pass through cable to the graphics card for the display. Ran on a Pentium II 550MHz PC

Alba DVD player
Sony Stereo cassette 3 band radio and cassette

Clothes donated to Emmanus

Flymo cordless strimmer. Working order. The battery lasts up to 20 minutes when new. The battery fitted will not charge and so needs replacing (lead acid type from B&Q or a specialised lawn mower outlet).  Motor runs off charger so the only fault is a flat & dead battery. Works well enough to do the borders of a lawn, but not enough juice for bigger jobs. Instruction manual, charger and wall bracket included.

Racing bicycle handle bars alloy

CD stand made of metal, back. Free standing

Olycom phone with hands free, call timer, clock, last number recall and memory. Including original manual and box. The "white" phone became very discoloured and so was sprayed metallic purple. taken
Intruder alarm, runs off batteries (last about a year). Back plate secures to wall or desk and removing it sets off the alarm. Keyboard 4 digit code to arm and to deactivate. One row of the keyboard numbers does not always work but other keys are okay to set your own code. Includes instructions. taken

ironing board - get a new cover and it is perfect.

given as a present

Rainsoft soft water system with reverse osmosis filters and storage. TAKEN 12/12/12
Electric clock for flushing, storage container for salt removed when house was sold as working units

Matching reverse osmosis drinking water system. The three filters will need replacing and the bladder to maintain the water pressure for the drinking water needs pumping up or perhaps replacing.

There are UK suppliers in this region so parts are available for fitting but you need to plumb in yourself or find a plumber familiar with fitting these. As can be seen these take most of the under sink space. The reason I didn't fit is my water supply comes into the bathroom and there is no space for all these boxes and pipes. Original price was 1600 and remains a high quality unit suitable for a family of 4 or more.

Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

Highbank  25
Highbank 25

wooden step ladder

to recycle centre/ landfill

glass panes three large and a number of small panes

 plastic garden chair

Single steel frame bed with folding leg

Plastic and clay plant pots and trays



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