Packed-Up and Ready to Go

Choices of backpacks
Hackpack V1.0 an every day carry for college or the office
Bobby Bizz an every day carry convertible brief case
Tortuga Set Out Divide a 26 to 34 litre travel backpack
Things to pack
Slings - carrying light

Laid Out; ready to pack 

Already several iterations and different suit cases and backpacks tried. Perhaps not finished yet - not until the day before the flight out but now only minor considerations going forward.

Bag for Cargo on flight - The Tortuga Set Out Divide

Using the compression packing cubes


Packing cubes under the mesh compartment

The main compartment




Carry-on bag for flight - The Bobby Bizz



Camera bag

Packing the Carry-on backpack



Bags packed and ready. 


Alternative Packing for carry-on

Each back back is shown with the same content. These are either needed during the flight or are of high value and so are to be kept with me on the journey.

Compressed down the Tortuga Set Out Divide is 26 litres. It is big and floppy although with the backpack shoulder straps hidden away stiffens the back in brief case mode.

Utilising the front pockets. There is room to store a light weight jacket here as well.

The Dell Venue 8 pro 5855 is lost in the back pocket for a laptop.

Loose items held down under the mesh divider. The Camera pack strapped in. Contents tends to gravitate to the bottom. There is room to store a jumper or light jacket.

The Hackpack also has a section for expansion.

The laptop compartment opens out completely but is not a deep compartment.

The camera cube can fit into the expanded compartment. Here is room for more items, even a rolled up jumper.

The XD Design Bobby Bizz is smaller than the other two backpacks at 10 litres.

The camera bag is slightly too large for the main compartment of the Bobby Bizz putting all the zips under pressure.

The Bobby Bizz organisational pockets seem better fitted for this than the Set Out Divide. The Hackpack has minimal pockets. The phone, passport and wallet can fit into the side pocket for quick access.

The thermos flask does push against the Dell tablet that sits at the bottom of the laptop compartment. The tablet compartment is no better as it also extends the full depth of the back. Thanks to the clips the back will not open too wide and so the contents does stay in place. The Camera cube at the top is heavy.

The large towel also helps to keep the contents in place. There is no room for other than the tiniest addition.

Inserting the tablet on its side frees up space for the heavy and thick solar powered charger. These both drop to the bottom where the other pockets are also placed.

Last updated 15th November 2018