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Instinct Pro Camera Sling

The Instinct Pro Camera sling comes in black 420D Nylon and black or white X-pac Ripstop VX21 fabric that is light, durable, abrasion and water resistant. Unlike many other bags using X-pac only at the front Instinct use it on all sides including the back and wings. It has YKK AquaGuard (StormGuard) zips and aluminium buckles. The interior is bright blue 210D polyester. It is intelligently thought out 7 litre camera sling that can be used cross body, as a shoulder bag or with the stowaway wings as a waist bag. There is a grab handle so it could also be carried brief case style with the straps removed or as a camera cube inside a travel backpack.

Purchased for £98 and £3 postage (including VAT @ 20%) in May 2021.

31 x 19.8 x 12 cm that compresses down to 7 cm depth. 650 grams (420D) and 550 grams (X-pac). This is very light for it's size.

It is supplied with two foldable Velcro dividers (above, top right) that include small pockets to hold filters. These are stiff and large, 9 cm across, 10 cm to the fold and 8 cm above. Although light the pair are the volume of a large power bank.

The internal zip pocket has a pair of pockets 12 cm across, 8 cm deep and another behind it. These can hold several cards or a Victorinox SwissCard. The back pockets have small elasticated pockets that will hold a Sony NP-FW50 battery or SD card. The zipper, opening left to right has a keeper on the left that covers much of the zip pull and shortens the gap to access the pocket. These pockets saddle the point where the front of the bag narrows and folds to zip up so can prevent the closure of the main compartment even with small items inside.

On the outside of the sling is a large pocket with YKK AquaGuard zip. To the outside are two pockets 11 cm across and 7 cm deep and have some depth e.g. holds a thin minimalist wallet. On the side towards the centre are a pair of elastics for pens and either side pockets 11 cm across x 10 cm deep. The large full width of the sling pocket has a full depth of 20.5 cm, 5.5 cm above the zip.

The cut of the front provides a small depth to these pockets but the expansion is to the inside of the sling. Depending on what is placed in the pockets the main space in this front pocket will accommodate any mobile phone. 

A tripod can be strapped underneath. These do not unclip. The buckle allows for effortless loosening.

 The bottom straps hold a gorilla pod. They will accommodate a MeFoto tripod but adding 1200 grams to a 4964 grams of gear is better in a back pack than sling. The straps don't have buckles so the head or feet of a compact tripod might not slip through them. You can undo the strap, but that takes more time and effort when you want a quick solution. Elastic keepers help keep the excess strap neat and tidy.

It has a water bottle holders on either side which can be secured with the side compression straps. These hold my 500 ml or 330 ml (the white bottle) and might fit an even larger (taller) bottle or flask. Fully packed out (below) this is 4900 grams.

The Instinct Pro Camera Sling has space for an 11" tablet, mirror less camera with two lenses. With the Dell Venue 8 Pro, it's case and flat keyboard, in place, a mobile phone (Sony XA1) in the front pocket there is room for a Sony Nex 7 with 16-50 mm power zoom and an 18-200 mm power zoom. To remove the tablet without struggle some space has to be created in the main part.


The depth has space for more items, even the solar panel battery pack, but makes access harder.

The numerous pockets are small - flat, lacking depth and will not take a normal wallet, coin purse, earphone, mouse or 50 ml sanitizer bottle. The two front pockets manage to take wallets or cases if they are very close the size of a credit card.

The main zipper has a pop button loop which can be clipped around the waist wedges straps to deter thieves. The three zippers are single zip. Dual pair of zips allow for left or right size closure and can use TSA padlocks for greater security. This loop fastener is also seen in the original Peak Design Everyday Sling.

The Instinct Pro Camera Sling is 29 cm across, but tapers to a 17 cm base. The top 10 cm also narrows to 8 cm from 15 cm depth. It stops it being boxy but looses 3 litres of volume and makes packing more of a challenge. Mirror less cameras don't need the depth and so the space can be used up by stacking. However this makes access more cumbersome. At least there is some room for wallet and wired earphones in the main compartment. The camera dividers can only be easily used when the tablet pocket is empty. I can not see a situation when I would want to use them.

The materials do not feel premium. Perhaps because the X-pac is stronger and lighter than other materials. Choosing the white X-pac over the black adds to that impression. Many people believe the white will look dirty in a week and never clean up - not the case according to long term users as it is easily wiped down and washed.

The extensive padding is a more rigid stiff type and internal lining feeling hard compared to other bags. This allows the sling to retain it's shape even when empty.

The grab handle is soft but still feels substantial and a welcome addition.

Buckles are plastic but feel strong. The side straps that can clinch it down also secure a flask that is taller than the sling.

The back is a thick soft material with foam padding. The wings when not used as a waist pack can be tucked away inside. Not intended to be a pass through or to store anything the shoulder strap could be tucked away neatly inside and then carried brief case style. The padding is thick and soft making it comfortable on your back.

The padding of the shoulder strap is sufficient to make carrying the stuffed out sling comfortably. It is quick to attach but cumbersome to remove. The G hooks have spring clips which prevent them accidentally slipping out. Adjustment to length is from either G clip. It is possible to shorten one end to position the padding over a shoulder cross body and roll up the excess strap and store in the elastic keepers. Although quick to deploy and reposition it could be improved, no less than having a quick release buckle.

The Instinct Pro Camera Sling holds all the items shown above. In addition the solar panel power pack fits in the other side pocket and the Joby Gorilla pod fixed with the straps at the bottom. An impressive amount weighing 5636 grams.

An easier carry, just a wallet, mobile phone, earphones, camera with lens and tablet it is 2194 grams.

At £98.33 plus VAT it is more expensive than the highly rated Peak Design Everyday Sling 6 litre at £71.39 plus import and carriage. The Everyday sling is  heavier at 780 grams  (Instinct Pro Camera Sling is 550g). Everyday Sling is 34 cm narrowing to 27 cm (compared to 29 cm to 17 cm). 24 cm (to 22 cm) high and a depth of 13 cm narrowing to 11 cm at the base (15 cm down to 8 cm). So wider, less tapered, taller but thinner. The Moment Rugged Sling is similar but more boxy and perhaps easier to pack gear for less rounded comfort to carry.

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The Instinct Pro Camera sling is similar to

- the Moment Rugged Camera Sling which is 6 (99 USD) or 10 (150 USD) litres and has a Stability Strap.

- the Everyday Sling | Peak Design 6 litres (71.39 GBP plus shipping and VAT) and 10 litres (107.11 GPB)

Last updated 23rd May 2021