Need a new brief case?

Choices of backpacks
Hackpack V1.0 an every day carry for college or the office
Bobby Bizz an every day carry convertible brief case
Tortuga Set Out Divide a 26 to 34 litre travel backpack
Things to pack
Slings - carrying light

The Wheelie case
As a daily carry brief case
Hackpack and organisation
Adding Strum and waist straps

Adding Strum and waist straps

The soft backpack straps do not take strum straps well. You can fit them, but they fold up the straps.

The hip belt works better. I added some bronze clips to clip onto the bottom anchor points of the shoulder straps.


Using the padding from the supplied shoulder strap and the 3rd party waist strap we have an alternative lighter shoulder strap. One less item to pack.

Last updated 2nd August 2018