Parker Slimfold

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George S Parker filed his first patent in 1889. He established the Parker Pen Company to manufacturer a superior writing instrument. By the 1920s the Parker pen was established as the leading manufacturer of pens. Pens where originally supplied to the UK from Canada until 1941 when some models where made in Newhaven. The factory closed in 2009.

The Slimfold fountain pens were sold in 4 colours {black, blue, red and green). Based upon the popular Duofold it is smaller and more slender. The choice of nibs included italic, and as shown here needle point. These where obtained only by sending the pen to the Parker pen shop in London. The Parker Pen company was awarded the Royal Warrant as its sole supplier of pens and inks in 1962.

I used the set of 4 pens, with matching ink, for writing and illustration throughout my school, college and university years supplemented with Rotring techical drawing pens that had the advantage of being easier to use with precision compasses. The gold plated pens shown are the 51, 61, 75 Tiffany, 75 Godron, 180, Flighter and Sonnet. These form part of the Yasmin McMullon Collection of gold fountain pens, ball points and mechanical pencils.



 The Slimfold is much smaller than most fountain pens. The 14 caret gold nip produces a nice flow and in the needle point fitted to the four I used matched my writing as it got ever smaller.

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Last updated 1st February 2010