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As a daily carry brief case

I recently taught students aged 16 to 26 GCSE mathematics - a 16+ examination.

Typically I would carry home the assignments of 60 students. These are normally only a few sheets each. When approaching the examination and doing past papers then each past paper is 14 sheets double sided and they would hand in between one and a dozen papers. I need boxes to carry then in the car to mark at home.

Full time staff are provided a 15 or 17" laptop. Part time and hourly paid staff are not.  So this is a fairly typical layout of what I would carry.

I would also have a brief case full of compasses, protractors, rulers, 10 scientific calculators, stapler, spare staples, mechanical pencils, easers as I had no lockable cupboard.

Most fit into the laptop side of the Hackpack. I could, with strapped organizers also put the calculator on this side. The rest fit into the other side.

This is now 6.4kg and could still be packed out further and then more with the extension unzipped. Here it is a winner over the Samsonite hard shell brief case. If I had to take the London Underground to work each morning as I did for more than 10 years the Hackpack options of backpack, messenger bag and brief case are just so flexible.

I will not know what Yasmin thinks until her last exams for this year in June.

Last updated 30th April 2018